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1. Shkodra

Shkodra is one of the oldest cities in Albania, located on the shores of Shkodra Lake, 20 km from the Adriatic coast and 120 km from the capital of Albania – Tirana. The city is an important cultural and economic center of Albania. Shkodra is also the center of Catholicism and a perfect testament to the fact that different religions can live together in one country.

2. Theth

Theth is the heart of Albanian Alps: a magnificent valley surrounded by the highest mountain peaks. The small village is secluded from the mountains. High peaks and rock walls surround the impressive basin at the end of the Shala valley. Theth and its National park are a destination for many visitors. The area is well suited as a starting point for smaller and larger walks and visits.


3. Valbona

The Valbon valley is a major tourist attraction in the Albanian Alps, and the journey over the Koman Lake (see below) itself is a good reason to visit it. The valley leads deep into the mountains high mountain peaks on both sides, rugged cliffs and the clear water of the river Valbona form a perfect backdrop. The National park of Valbona Valley includes forests, small mountain lakes, alpine pastures, caves and the river with canyons, cascades, and waterfalls. Here you have also the possibility (rarely) to encounter a wild pig or a bear.

– Transport for all the tour.
– Accommodation: 1 night in hotel 3* (2 person sharing room) & 5 nights – guesthouse Theth.
– Food: 6 x breakfast, 5 x lunch (always picnic lunch), 6 x dinner.

Not included:
– Coffee breaks & alcoholic drinks.
– Flight to Albania

Information on arrival & transfer:

We would like to point out that the flight to Albania is not included in the offer and it must be organized on your own. We recommend that you book a direct flight to Prishtina (Kosovo) or an indirect flight (1 stop) to Tirana (Albania). In order for the tour to be carried out in accordance with the itinerary, it is necessary to arrive one day before the start of the tour. The transfer from the airport (Prishtina Airport or Mother Teresa Airport in Tirana) and the overnight stay before the start of the tour is organized by unique albania GmbH. Please let us know as soon as possible when and where you will arrive.



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