About unique albania GmbH

We at unique albania GmbH know about Albania. We got to know this country in different ways. We all come from Albania and have experienced valuable things in extensive journeys. One thing connects us all: the passion for Albania.

The Team

Our team consists of two lawyers working in Switzerland, one entrepreneur and one photographer/film producer.

Everything is possible.

As Albania specialists, we deal daily with places of this unique country. Through continuous research, we are always up to date and we know about the latest projects and insider tips. Our job is to make your most valuable weeks of the year an extraordinary experience. Whatever you imagine, we do everything we can to fulfill your expectations and dreams. The desire of a tailor-made dream trip, taking into account your personal travel ideas, becomes reality with us.


Experiencing nature, meeting people and gaining insights into foreign cultures are the main focuses of our travel concepts. Tolerance and open-mindedness, interest and curiosity combined with a little improvisation – and Albania will be at your feet. Unique experiences should stay with you. That is why our specialty is the individual traveling. An individual travel gives you the freedom and the time to calmly take in your new impressions, views, and experiences. You can choose your personal rhythm and in this way enjoy a particularly intense travel experience.

Mild Tourism

Through our experience and our love for Albania and continuous innovation, we want to promote quality and environmentally conscious tourism in this continent. Respect for the population, the nature, and wildlife is part of the philosophy of our company. We want to include social aspects of the travel concepts. And we are committed to protecting nature and the environment, showing a sense of responsibility and tolerance.


Safe traveling. Feel comfortable. Have trust. You can do that with us.

Safety when traveling:

We select our local partners carefully and we know personally many of the people we work with. And of course, we regularly inform ourselves about the current situation in Albania and therefore always know about any risks.

The special

If you are looking for that special something that makes a trip perfect, then you’ve come to the right place. We pay special attention to the extraordinary things, which makes the difference! Class instead of mass is our philosophy that we attach particular importance to. This includes a personal approach and individual care. We surprise you with many exclusive details that fit together perfectly like a puzzle.


Almost all pictures on our website are from the employees of the unique albania GmbH team. With the help of exploratory tours and holiday trips, they should give you an insight into our personal view of things. They should encourage you to make yourself a picture of the beauties of Albania.


Everything that Albania has to offer can be organized by unique albania GmbH. Individual and tailor-made means that our travel suggestions can be changed, modified, adapted, expanded or simplified according to your wishes.

At the end

Experience, joy, and commitment are the foundation of a successful travel concept for us. With these building blocks, we want to build bridges, inspire you for other ways of life and open up new horizons with a trip to Albania. And finally – what should stay?

Unforgettable moments. Openness. Life. Inspiration.